Are you giving Donald Trump money after his hole-in-one claim? You must have a hole in your head

Like tinnitus in the ear, the Trump trumpet sounds again.

fellow american.

Take a deep breath.


Then prepare to fall into the swamp Donald Trump’s MAGA mail again!

Stay with me.

Trump, an avid leftist, this week sent Sneed this “personal” piece of “patriot” campaign pitch from his Save America PAC, which had $110 million as of February.

It was teed up on a golf course.

“A lot of people ask, and yes it is,” he wrote.

What’s true?

“While playing a round of golf with some of our country’s greatest golfers, I did a HOLE-IN-ONE,” Trump tweeted.

He insisted on a lesson in golf geography.

“It was on the 7th hole and played 181 yards into a light wind,” Trump wrote.

“I put a 5 iron in the hole that sailed great in relatively strong winds at about five feet of cut, then bounced twice and then rattled.


“This couldn’t come at a better time, ‘Michael Sneed,'” he proclaimed while continuing to ask me how to spell my name so I can be a Donor MVP…despite being referred to as “Patriot” and Dear Friend.

Ka-ching! Then Trump hit the checkout button.

“Donate $75 or more TODAY to receive your Trump Golf photo autographed by your favorite President,” he said.

My favorite president?

“I just posted one of my favorite photos of me golfing and I want YOU to have it,” he coaxes.

huh? No date…no evidence listed…and the PAC pixel described as a “favorite” Trump pose included an unspecified location on the links.

“You won’t get a second chance,” he says.

Why bother?

hall of fame Ernie Els52, may have told a Palm Beach Post reporter that the hole-in-one happened while he was recently playing golf with Trump in Florida, but a Washington Post report on another recent Trump pitch casts doubt live up to his PAC promises.

The report claims small Trump donors were enticed into donating money based on the possibility of winning a chance to dine with Trump in person in New Orleans. But in reality, the contest “winner” never ate or even met with the ex-president…despite the fact that he and his wife attended a pro-Trump rally there.

Trump could have scored a hole-in-one.

But it’s not hard to figure out who’s got a hole in their heads.

The name game…

what’s in a name A first name.

Here’s what: Names should define us; give us meaning; bind us even to biblical power.

Harold (Washington).Richard (Daley). cream (Emmanuel).

Formal first names should reflect authority.

Enter the new familiarity: Bernie (sanders). yeah (biden). Be to (O’Rourke). Peter “Major Pete” (Buttigieg).

As a political pundit might say, is chummy the new yummy?

Is first name type the new political thing?

So far, the three candidates who have officially announced their intention to run for mayor of Chicago have friendly rather than formal first names.

Lori (light footed).

willie (Wilson).

beam (Lopez).

Even arne “Arni” (Duncan) this came/was about to enter the mayoral battle…but chose not to run.

And if Cook County CEO “Toni” Preckwinkle changes her mind and opts for the mayoral fight…well…

So let’s be clear:

Lori is a short form of Laura, or the Latin Laurus, meaning laurel… a symbol of honor and victory… the dark green lustrous leafy crowns of ancient statesmen.

Willie is a derivative of William…meaning “resolute protector” or “warrior” with strong will…the strength of a “helm”.

Ray is a derivative of Raymond…meaning “a wise protector”.

The power of a crown? The strength of a helmet? Or a wise protector?

Stay tuned.

Real against role?

Anti-mayor Willie Wilson criticized Mayor Lightfoot for her negative communication skills, stating, “When it’s not up to her, she takes it personally. If something doesn’t go my way, it’s no big deal.”

Then he blasted Lightfoot’s decision to mandate anti-COVID masks at church services.

So Wilson really didn’t think it was a big deal?

Just ask.


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