Sports center in Topeka, par 3 golf course, entertainment, returns

The Sports Center is perhaps best known for the trademark dinosaur that greets guests at the entrance. It is a 140-acre family entertainment center located at 6545 SW 10th Avenue in Topeka since 1972.

A Topeka family tradition, the company has undergone many changes throughout its 50-year history and recently changed hands.

Brothers Scott, Kurt, Brad and Brian Walker purchased the Sports Center from previous owners Stan and Sheryl Swanson nearly a year ago in May 2021.

“We four brothers always wanted to do something together,” said Kurt Walker. “There isn’t much to do out in Topeka so we wanted to create a more tropical fun park vibe.”

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Walker said that while Kansas City residents have many options close to home, Topecans are currently being forced to travel out of town if they want to enjoy a modernized golfing experience, and the Walkers would like to see that change.

The arcade area in the sports center can be updated with newer games for people to enjoy under the new management.

Sports center extends offer

Renovation of the 2,700-square-foot clubhouse, which includes a snack bar, indoor seating areas and game room, has already begun, with plans to update the current arcade offering. The Walkers recently applied for and received a liquor license that will allow them to begin selling a variety of beer options, including Boulevard Brewing Company products, and are in the process of adding a slushy machine before the summer.

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