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Let the suggestions flow in

On Wednesday I asked for suggestions on events/places/experiences I need to cover for Screencaps readers, but I’m not looking for the typical suggestions. I need unconventional ideas and it didn’t take long for you guys to reach out.

The first event that caught my attention was the Eldora Speedway in tiny Rossburg, OH (population 248) which is about 45 minutes north of where I was born. In early June, Eldora will host an event, the Eldora Million, where a dirt late model driver will win $1 million.

Which one of you will be camping in Eldora for this event? I want the full Eldora experience. Full immersion. I want to explore the campsites. I want to meet people. I want to see dirt fly. I want to feel the emotions. And maybe have a beer or two with the real people of this country.

Eldora is exactly what I’m looking for.

Let me know if you’re in:

Another suggestion that caught my eye came from Jess in Alabama, who suggested the World Games to be held in Birmingham, where sumo wrestling is to be held.

Jess writes:

If you’re coming let me know and my husband and I will meet up for a few beers and BBQ’s.


sumo wrestling? Are you kidding me? And I don’t have to go all the way to Japan to see the big dogs in the world of sumo? Let me check my schedule for this.

Chris B writes:

Hi Joe – It can be difficult to get tickets for the Bananas. Apparently they have a Redskins level waitlist from circa 1990 so jump in now.

If you can’t, I recommend The Boone Bigfoots (yes, not Bigfeet; their logo is the Monster of Legend). That’s where the hula ball pictures came from last summer. We’ll probably see the Native American National Team on 3/6 (how cool is that?) and for Saturday night’s game against the Disco Turkeys (another great logo). Same guy does the marketing for the bananas. I spoke to him in the hall and he said, “If you know the score, you’re missing the point of minor league ball.”

Sounds like a great summer!

The marketing guy definitely understands why fans are showing up to minor league baseball.

Speaking of baseball, I tossed the idea of ​​the Field of Dreams game in Iowa around as a father-son trip. It’s on a Thursday and this is my annual northern Michigan canoe weekend, so it would take some serious riding, but I’m not ruling out doing my big Fox News Corp. question after the summer. I think that would be the ultimate father son screencaps moment of 2022.

Let the suggestions flow in. I think you have an idea of ​​what I’m doing here.

A TNML sticker request I can’t say no to

• Andy F. in St.Louis writes:

Hi Joe, I’m an orthodontist in St. Louis and I’ve been reading screencaps every day for a while. I told my wife to check it out and after she did she was hooked. She does 99% of our gardening while I handle the grill and chop the drinks. As we are a bit older and our kids are grown we can’t share great stories right now but I coached it all and loved your readers comments on it. We are golfers and we also love Michigan. Keep up the good work and thank you. If you have a different sticker, her name is Kathy… …. ….


I’m not kidding that sticker stock is running out and I’ve been keeping the rest for special requests. Andy and Kathy just met me at the sweet spot. As any smart marketer knows, you need to keep expanding your reach, and for TNML, that means including women who love to mow. Dana B. in Indiana was one of the innovators in this category. You may remember the bus driver who wears her TNML shirt to work because it’s incredibly comfortable and she loves to mow.

Now Kathy is there too.

Don’t think I change TNML and it wakes up. Hear what Andy says here – his wife is addicted to screencaps too! This is dream girl material for some of you.

Have I changed screencaps as more and more women have started reading? NO! Yes, there were a few shirtless, sweaty Troy Aikman photos here and there for the ladies, but these were harmless.

Commissioner Verdict: Kathy gets a sticker.

Remember the trip Craig V tried to keep his kids off pills for their trip to Florida?

• Craig V. sent this report earlier this week:

Greetings from the Hilton Garden Inn in Perrysburg. I appreciate you choosing good weather for my trip to NWOH. I had to give credit to the Screencaps community for the great family road trip suggestions last week. Everything went smoothly and the dollar store shopping spree paid off.

I had to share a story and some thoughts from the return trip. We made our only stop on the drive north at a town called Falkville, AL. I swear this love’s truck stop was the fifth or sixth largest city in Alabama that day. Anyway, there were a few service people on the subway having lunch. And so many kids came up to her and thanked/admired her – mine included which was a super proud dad moment. And that gave me a little hope that the future is still bright.

So when we were back on the road listening to Masters coverage, it got me thinking about things that are really pure. So over the next few hours I compiled a list in my head and I’m sure I missed dozens if not hundreds of items. Here’s what I have in no particular order:

  1. Children interacting with service members or first responders
  2. Augusta National
  3. Take part in a common hobby with your father or just spend time with your father
  4. The laughter of a young child
  5. Talk to your neighbor about yards
  6. Hold your child for the first time


Did I read that correctly, Craig V. lived right down the street from me at the outdoor mall? This area is truly the crossroads of America. I swear a Screencaps reader drops by here at least once a week for some road trip. At this point I could probably open a Screencaps themed hotel – Paige VanZant Suite, the NY Strip Suite, the PGA Golf Memes Junior Suite, the Clay Travis Penthouse with lots of hair products in the bathroom, etc. – and you guys would have it filled on a nightly basis .

As you blab, remember how fun a screencaps hotel lobby would be. I’m talking Golden Tea Machines, Busch Light on tap at the Cook Your Own Burger bar with Traegers and Blackstones. There would be no shortage of labor at Screencaps Hotel. You cook your own food with other Screencaps readers and for fellow travelers because you actually enjoy cooking for others.

Do you need a keg change? There are always at least 1-2 screencaps hotel guests who know how to swap barrels.

The wake-up call is Clay Railing on COVID.

North Dakota Snow Storm Update:

• Matt R. in Dickinson, ND checks in:

Just a quick update on the spring storm. Day 2 was worse than Day 1. With a total of over 20 inches of snow and 50 mph gusts, the city was pretty much shut down today. A snow emergency declaration remains in effect and no garbage route collections will take place until Monday. School was canceled for the third day in a row on Thursday. Other Screencap readers in the area stay safe!


I’m out, Matt. There’s no way I’ll survive that in April. That looks great for January but I have to say it’s very nice to see green grass. God bless those who keep North Dakota running. They are a special breed of Americans.

For battery powered mowers

I wasn’t expecting to hear from my neighbor Mike that he went down the battery mower rabbit hole, but that’s exactly what happened.

Mike reports:

This mower requires two batteries. I cut my entire lawn and used 3/4 of a battery. And it’s self-propelled. super quiet. I got 30% discount in January. I think I paid $427 for shipping. 25″ cut.


While I’m not an anti-battery mower, I’ve been waiting for some early adopters to provide updates on how these things work, how long the battery lasts, how long you have to go to the store to buy new batteries , Etc.

Any other users out there? I think we had a guy who bought a six battery lawnmower that wasn’t happy. Let’s see more reviews from the battery powered community.

And with that I’m out. It was an early morning writing about Elon Musk’s hostile takeover bid for Twitter, and now I need to get moving ahead of his TED Talk this morning.

Get out there and have a great day in this great country. The sun is back out here in Ohio and the grass is on ARod PEDs right now. The lawn looks like McGwire circa 1998 and it’s opening day for my mowing season.

Look out.


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