McLaren Extreme E driver Tanner Foust on the freedom of flight

McLaren Extreme E driver Tanner Foust on taking to the skies. photo: McLaren I first heard about Tanner Foust when he appeared on an episode of top gear and was introduced as one of the hosts of the show’s American counterpart. With the lack of racing pedigree then to be found among the British show’s … Read more

NASCAR already trying to ditch motorsport games: report

picture: Motorsport Games When NASCAR 21: Ignition When it was released late last year, it was immediately clear that something was wrong. This was NASCAR’s first video game built from the ground up by Motorsport Games, the up-and-coming publisher dissolved in tears in recent years to snag a variety of exclusive licenses – from the … Read more

Back then, Formula 1 was battling American Open-Wheel on the track

photo: AP (AP) On March 28, 1971, a lineup of impressive open-wheel cars lined up on the grid at California’s Ontario Motor Speedway with one purpose: to pit Europe’s Formula One cars against those of America’s Formula A (also known as Formula 5000). This race was called the Questor Grand Prix. The Questor Grand Prix … Read more

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