Barcelona are looking for Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski on a long-term contract

33-year-old Robert Lewandowski has reportedly attracted interest from FC Barcelona, ​​who are keen to give him the long-term deal he desires following the end of his current contract with Bayern Munich. Boris Streubel/Getty Images The summer transfer window is fast approaching and there are plenty of rumors about who is going where. Transfer Talk brings … Read more

We have a planet to save, not a golf course

Editor’s note: Star Tribune Opinion publishes a mix of national and local Comments daily online and in print. To make a contribution, click here. ••• Last December I read about an impending ecological catastrophe at Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. Scientists found evidence that Thwaites is melting much faster than previously thought. Without the glacier, which … Read more

Ukrainian tennis players lead a “parallel life” at the Billie Jean King Cup.

In Asheville, North Carolina, the Ukraine women’s tennis team is in the middle of a game against Team USA to qualify for the Billie Jean King Cup. Meanwhile, bombs rain down on their hometowns as war rages in Ukraine. “I feel like we have two different realities right now. The tennis court, amazing atmosphere, amazing … Read more

The development bet pays off with Ferrari’s 2022 F1 car

Ferrari’s early lead with its 2022 Formula One car means a risk it took earlier in the season is paying off. F1’s budget cap has upped the ante when it comes to ensuring large teams get their development decisions right. In recent months, a dominant narrative has been that these increasing constraints on spending, wind … Read more

Shark: Did the golf gods really single out Greg Norman for his misery? | golf

In recent years, it has become fashionable for sports documentaries to incorporate a self-referential element in which the protagonists review footage of their own triumphs and disasters. The facial reactions in these segments often say more than hours of talking-head analysis ever could: the vision of Michael Jordan, tablet in his lap, choking with laughter … Read more

Rafael Nadal wins his first notable title in two years

Rafael Nadal claimed the ninth Roland Garros crown in 2014. The Spaniard struggled with injuries and failed to challenge rivals from the top for the next two years, despite remaining in the top 10. Nadal had to wait almost two years to claim another notable title, winning the trophy in Monte Carlo 2016 over Gael … Read more

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